Udon Thani is probably the fastest developing city in Thailand, with recent massive investment, mainly from mainland China in both the mining and commercial sectors. This place is booming and the entertainment options in town are also growing to keep up.

Due to the established international community, typically married to locals, there is a huge number of international cuisines represented in the cities restaurants. From fabulous French, Italian, British and Scandinavian specialists to some more esoteric choices as the international community grows and attracts more and more and more people from all over the world.

There are of course sensational local food options at prices much lower than you will find in the tourist areas. Isaan food and traditional Thai dishes are everywhere from street vendors and hi-so venues alike.

There is a good deal of live music in town. There are a lot of Thai venues with local bands playing either Thai pop or having a decent go at western music with variable results.